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Hi, you can call me Nami or Tenshi c: Making seperate blogs is effort which means my art, personal posts, and reblogs will be here lol I like playing rpg's and otoge's!! Don't be afraid to talk to me~! You can find me easily on twitter!! (´・v・`)9

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Starry☆Sky ~four seasons~ anthology
chapter 13: The Moon Which Shines Near
Shiki x Tsukiko
.rar file here (mediafire)

This one was really easy to clean and junk lol It took me like 1-2 hours flat to do. My internet has been crap today so I didn’t really have much to do anyway. This time it’s shiki’s one and only anthology chapter woooo maybe it was because shiki doesn’t really say much that made this one easier lol password this time is shikitsukiko I’ll try and do either Kanata, Azusa, Kotarou, Iku, Kazuki, or Hayato (Or maybe one of the shirogane chapters hmm) next since I haven’t done any for them yet.
Please don’t abuse these translations in any way;;;

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