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> Kagerou Days novel translation (Kagerou days I, II, III)

I got the kagerou days -in a daze- novel today (waiting for my vol.2 book to come in now) and ahh in all my excitement to read it I translated all the kagerou days chapters since they’re short and I just really like Hibiya and Hiyori and their story’s plot. It was really moving and I hope I conveyed the word choice well enough from the japanese because I found that some of the kanji (not many but still), Jin seemed to choose over others imo which gave slightly different meanings which was really interesting and a good learning experience for me.
idk if this has been translated before since I know there are people translating this novel out there but here it is anywayyyy

Kagerou days I & III seems to be from Hibiya’s POV while Kagerou days II is from Hiyori’s POV. The person Hibiya is talking to in III is presumably Konoha.

―My eyes are disoriented. The world changes to monochrome in an instant. In the middle of all of that, the blue of the clear cloudless sky and the red…… red, sign, and……! The intense contrast emitting from just those two colors burn the back of my retina.

  • Kagerou Days I

My eyes are disoriented. The world changes to monochrome in an instant. In the middle of all of that, the blue of the clear cloudless sky and the red…… red, sign, and……! The intense contrast emitting from just those two colors burn the back of my retina.

Just what is this spreading out in front of my eyes right now, I wonder.

The sound of the cicada’s foolish crying voice pierces my ears.
The smell of iron mixes with your scent.
Without realizing it, all of my feelings directly stimulate the inside of my brain like a punch.

In the pedestrian crossing were tire marks that seemed burnt and your small body that was about the same size as that red line drawn to it. It wasn’t as if I was going to try and do something at this point but once I ran over to your side, I could feel the heat enveloping in my throat, eyes, nose, head, and reality slamming into me hard.

The person in front of me isn’t you.
It wasn’t you who I was just talking to moments earlier.
It’s just a red lump of something.
No matter what anyone says, this thing isn’t you.

……I began to feel nauseated and my head ached horribly. My vision was blurred as if I were trying to open my eyes underwater, water dripping, leaving marks behind on the asphalt. It appears that the water seemed to be trickling down from both of my eyes.

I move my mouth to try to talk to you but, I’m not sure whether it was drowned out by the sounds of the cicada’s voices or if my voice didn’t come out right from the beginning but I couldn’t hear anything at all.

I have to tell you.
I just decided recently to try and tell you.
I have to hurry and tell you.

The swaying heat haze (kagerou) was standing awfully close.
He just stood there, as if he were ridiculing us or trying to get in the way between you and me.

Please don’t get in the way. I can finally convey this to her right now.
You can laugh at me as much as you want later. That’s why, please, just leave us alone for now.

This is really late, and you might feel disgusted but……

The way that you’re just a little bit selfish,
And your bad habit of hitting me whenever you get embarrassed,
And the scent of your fluttering hair, all of it,

――I really loved you.


  • Kagerou Days II

I saw a horrible, unpleasant dream. A dream where you disappeared right in front of my eyes.
I’ve seen this dream again and again.
This was all a dream I saw yesterday.

I wonder how many times it was today.
I wonder how many times it was yesterday.

I wonder how many times it’s been that we’ve talked in this park as well.
This may be the first time for you but I don’t how many times it’s been for me.
I’ve talked about this with you before too.
I’ve talked to you about it many times.
And every single time, you believed me.
You seriously worried about it.

But every time, you would always die in the end.
Every time I told you about it, you would worry and make a sad face.
That’s why I’ve decided, I won’t tell you anymore.

You don’t need to worry. I’m fine already.
And I’ve come to sort of like these moments where we would talk in the park.

It’s alright as long as I can hear you talk.
Though, because you would talk about the same thing each time, I’ve already remembered every character and every phrase word for word.
Even so, it’s fine.
It’s fine so all I wanted is for you to talk.

During the moments where I’m listening to your voice, I feel at ease without hearing those noisy cicadas.
Because I get to hear only your voice.

When we look at the clock, it’s around 12:30PM.

“Should we start heading home, soon?”

When I hold out my hand, you blush terribly while grabbing onto it.
You really are disgusting all the way to end, huh……
This is why you’re not popular.

Well, it’s about time so I’ll leave it at this.
Thank you for everything, Hibiya.

As I thought, the noisy cicadas,
the standing, swaying heat haze included

……and summer, I really hate them.

――As I look up, an iron pole comes down before my eyes at just the right time.


  • Kagerou Days III

I wonder when the beginning was.
The original beginning.

For the sake of the summer course, we were supposed to go to Hiyori’s relative’s house from the countryside.
If I remember correctly, that was what we were supposed to do.

 I wonder what the name of that white-haired person who was at the house was.
I feel like it was an awfully weird name.

Well, I can’t really talk about other people either though. A name like hibiya is most likely a moderately weird name as well.

That tall person who did things at his own pace.
Maybe I should ask Hiyori. Most likely, she probably remembers it.

It’s just, I feel as if I’ve asked this many times in the past.
I wonder what kind of name it was…… well, whatever.

Now that I think about it, I wonder where Hiyori went.
I’m sure that we left the house together.
Has there ever been a time where we’ve been alone like this?
I feel like there has, but at the same time don’t.

Huh…… It’s even started to rain.
This is probably the first time, I think……

Inside of the dream that keeps repeating over and over,
the rain that the forecast didn’t predict changes the city’s scenery.
The voices of the cicada’s that were crying so much,
and the standing heat haze as well,  was completely hidden by the shadows today.

“Hey…… you.”
“What is it?”
“Did you come here by yourself?”
“No…… I came with a friend, but we got separated”
“Yes. We’re always together. But for some reason I feel like we won’t be able to see each other today……”
“I see. Do you want to see ‘her’?”
“……I do.”
“I see. Then it’ll definitely be fine. You, and her as well, will definitely……”
“……Where are you going?”
“I don’t mind if you follow me, but are you sure you won’t regret it?”
“Then come with me.  People like you, people who will help, will definitely be waiting.”
“Because there is definitely something that their ‘eyes’ and your ‘eyes’ can see……”

――That’s why, don’t ever forget what happened today.”

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