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Hi, you can call me Nami or Tenshi c: Making seperate blogs is effort which means my art, personal posts, and reblogs will be here lol I like playing rpg's and otoge's!! Don't be afraid to talk to me~! You can find me easily on twitter!!
I occasionally translate things that I like (drama cd's, parts of games, starry sky anthologies, etc)

most of my fe:a/morgan art goes to my ask morgan blog nowadays LOL

Starry☆Sky ~after season~ anthology vol.1
chapter 7: Twinkle Little Star
Kanata x Tsukiko
.rar file here (mediafire)

I got photoshop to start working for me again!! so I can finish these translations that I’ve had half-done for like a really long time lmao I kinda used this more to procrastinate but I really did want to get this done!! This is my fav chapter in this anthology because Kanata was so cute ahdlsjad Might do more chapters that I like laterrr OH AND I decided to add in a credit note file thing from now on? idk pw is chibikanataisfriggincute
Please don’t abuse these translations in any way;;;

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