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Hi, you can call me Nami or Tenshi c: Making seperate blogs is effort which means my art, personal posts, and reblogs will be here lol I like playing rpg's and otoge's!! Don't be afraid to talk to me~! You can find me easily on twitter!! (´・v・`)9

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Starry☆Sky ~four seasons~ anthology
chapter 3: Stella Cadente (shooting star)
Kanata x Tsukiko
.rar file here (mediafire)

So, my photoshop decided to suddenly stop working on me so I had to dl a trial sob ;n; And now I’m planning to try and translate a few of these one-shots before the trial runs out orz;; I’m on break now anyways I guess. I just have to say though, kanata always has the cutest stories aaaa ;o; pw is shootingstarkt~
I’ll be doing an azusa chapter next. I already have the pages cleaned just need to translate and typeset!
Please don’t abuse these translations in any way;;;

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