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Hi, you can call me Nami or Tenshi c: Making seperate blogs is effort which means my art, personal posts, and reblogs will be here lol I like playing rpg's and otoge's!! Don't be afraid to talk to me~! You can find me easily on twitter!! (´・ω・`)b
I occasionally translate things that I like

most of my fe:a/morgan art goes to my ask morgan blog nowadays LOL

TsuMana: then and now

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Anonymous said: are you still active on your askmorgan blog?? :3

Yes I am!! ;w; I’ve just been busy with a few other projects (both school and personal drawing projects) o(-< I have updates planned tho eheh;;

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This Stop Motion Animation Fits An Entire Kitchen Inside A Water Bottle

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Shouyou Hinata - Haikyuu!! Episode 3 

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are u sure

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Source: Pixiv Id 750680 

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i haven’t made comics in a long long time so this is pretty dumb i’m sorry

kinda based on that one chapter where hinata calls kageyama incredible god i love these dorks

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Tales of Hearts R is Getting Localized »


Connected by the color red…

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