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Hi, you can call me Nami or Tenshi c: Making seperate blogs is effort which means my art, personal posts, and reblogs will be here lol I like playing rpg's and otoge's!! Don't be afraid to talk to me~! You can find me easily on twitter!! (´・ω・`)b
I occasionally translate things that I like



Unlimited Blade Works PV


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物凄く既視感(笑) by ちよ

※Permission to upload was given by the artist. Redistribution to other sites and editing without permission is not allowed

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Posted with permission. 

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This promotion ends Friday, August 1st, 2014.

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Anonymous said: whispers your url reminds me of gunslinger girl rolls away

LOL what really? I’ve never heard of gunslinger girl before but that’s a cool coincidence www

ikutokitty said: Since more that one robin can be on a field in smash, May they have to fight to share chrom in their final smash? Poor Chrom XD

omg this is totally canon okAY

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twitter dump!! a bunch of the FE69min drawings I did! ^q^ had so much fun w/ the school au and ylisse no prince-sama ones LOL

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#HQ_69min's prompt —> stuffed animals 

Asahi is the cutest giant dork pass it on ♥♥♥

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first date

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Doodled some royal family kids /~\ 

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